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Redstar Group companies provide goods to retailers, commercial and institutional users, and semi- wholesalers. With its subsidiary companies and 25+ years of experience it has proven to be trusted group of entrepreneurs. The group company has earned a reputation of being transparent business partner to the premium brands in wholesale trading and distribution business.

We have transited from a traditional value chain to a strategic value chain by improving our technology foundation to generate in-depth supply chain information for our trade and distribution businesses; to grow and meet the demands of the present economic climate.

We have achieved astound success in wholesale trade and distribution business adhering to
  • Meeting every increasing demand of customer service
  • Meeting the growing sales targets
  • Ensuring operational excellence of back-end processes - Point-of-sale - Inventory control - Shipping and receiving - Accounting - Client management

We at Redstar Group embrace a passion for our products and wanting to become a national acclaimed trader, distributor and manufacturer of high quality clothing and footwear products taking an ethical and competitive approach.

Our trading and distribution processes are inclined to defy, meet and achieve the following challenges this industry faces today
  • Reduce inventory while maintaining customer service levels
  • Improve speed and accuracy of processing and dispatching customer orders
  • Integrate eCommerce systems with ERP systems to improve efficiency and order turnaround time
  • Coordinate order and distribution operations to minimize supply chain disruption
  • Improve electronic collaboration with distributors and customers
  • Enable on-line ordering and configuration
  • Reduce lead times
  • Plan and manage distribution and goods in transit
  • Improve forecast accuracy
  • Optimize delivery loads and minimize transport costs
  • Comply with safety regulations for transporting hazardous goods
  • Reconcile customer deliveries to contracts
  • Reduce the number of product returns

The group company has equipped itself with a well-intervened network in Maharashtra state; has established a system driven distribution process which delivers promptly and can also meet immediate delivery schedules as when the demands erupts.

Honesty. Integrity. Quality. Value – that’s Redstar Group’ legacy