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Mangaldeep, RedWiing and Redstar are a few names which have wide spread presence in city of Navi Mumbai – successfully run clothing retail chain of outlets for the last 25+ years.

Our success in the clothing retail industry has been painted by our wide knowledge of retail operations, and the suitability of our skills and personality to the retail clothing business.

We enjoy meeting people, are skilled in the art of maintaining customers, have a knack for choosing the clothes that people will actually buy, and possess a huge dose of fashion sense. We work long hours and are on our toes to adapt to every little change in the market.

Paradigms of our success in clothing retail business

    Our Tailor Made Concept Services

  • Fashion Business Consultation
  • Fashion, Line sheet Editing and Technical Designs
  • Patterns, Grading and Marking on PDS
  • Fabrics and Trim Sourcing
  • Textile Design and Printing Coordination
  • Screen Printing & Embroidery Coordination
  • Custom Trims Development
  • Hang Tags, Woven and Care Labels Development
  • Salesman Samples/Duplicates
  • Production Manufacturing and Quality Assurance
  • Cut, Sew, Trim and Package

Our services focus on one goal – ‘To be your long-term partner ensuring quality and reliability’.

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